Gallér, the bears of the Bükk hiking on the Bükk Highlands 08/24/2023 4:18 PM

As we reported in our previous news, the brown bear has reappeared in the Bükk. However, this time the "invisible tourist" of the Bükk has shown itself to the hikers, who we thank for the announcement! It is very important, as we have asked in previous articles, that these reports are made to our Directorate as soon as possible.

And so it happened. Today we received a report from our conservation officer that a European brown bear had been spotted at the tourist sign between Bányahegy and Kis-Kőháti hills. According to their description, based on the light discolouration of the neck, the specimen is probably identical to the one recorded by a wildlife camera in the previous weeks. Our conservation officer immediately rushed to the scene.
There was no conflict between the tourists and the bear, each went their own way.

In case of a similar encounter, please follow the rules of conduct published on our website and call our emergency number: +36 30/861-3808.

And to the hikers, thank you again for your prompt notification!
Our recording was made on August 2, 202