Visitor centre

The Visitor Centre – Entrance to the Prehistoric Pine – is the focal point of the site.

The newly reshaped building blends into the landscape, although its structure is very unique, attracts the visitor’s attention. Its main corridor represents the inner cavity of the giant petrified tree from which fossil find the area became famous in 1836. In the Visitor Centre’s exhibition hall the geological past is well interpreted, its auditorium is capable of hosting large conferences.

In the Movie Theatre a world-class 4D animation introduces the visitor to the prehistoric past. The experience of the viewer is strengthened by the simulation of movement while sitting in a moving chair. A very rare experience indeed, worth for a try!

The famous tree-finds of Bükkábrány, 7 million year-old, still wooden(not petrified) conifers ( cypress and sequoia), which were found during mining operati- ons of the Bükkábrány open pit lignite mine, were rescued and transported to Ipolytarnóc, are standing in front of the Visitor Centre, right now under permanent shelter.

New developments enhance the site’ s offer around the visitor centre, a canopy walk, picnic area with playground, coffee shop and the Miocene forest are amongst them. The Visitor Centre is the starting and final point of the study- trail network of the site, this is the place where the unique time travel begins.