White Stone Quarry

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Kérjük görgessen


Miocene, Badenian.

Geomorphological features

The White Stone Quarry of Mátraszőlős was used for a century until the end of the 1950's to quarry limestone. Later a shooting range was created on the abandoned area. Today it is abandoned. The layering of the Lajta Limestone Formation and its peculiarities of sedimentation can be studied on the extensive mine walls. In the 1930s, the remains of large quantities of molluscs, echinoderms and sporadically important marine vertebrates (dolphins, sea cows) were found as a result of the collections of Ferenc Legányi. Miklós Kretzoi described the Haplosiren legany new Sirenia species from here. From the marl layers of the Szamár Valley next to the mine, the bones of the Land Badenian vertebrates (Aceratherium, Palaeomeryx) were also found.