Szinva Nature Interpretational Trail

Szinva Nature Interpretational Trail
Szinva Nature Interpretational Trail

This nature trail running from the Herman Ottó Memorial Park, through the Szeleta-tető to Lillafüred above Felsőhámor, presents the most relevant natural and cultural historic values of the Szinva Valley, the Kis (Small) Plateau and the Garadna Valley. By the stations, the flora and fauna as well as the karst phenomena of the alder woods along the Szinva Stream, the hornbeam-oak forest and limestone rock grasslands on the Molnár-szikla. Visitors can get acquainted with the Szeleta-caverne and the Szeleta Cave being one of the most important Palaeolithic archaeological sites (of the Szeleta culture) in Hungary.

Length: 5.37 km
Difficulty:  5
Surface quality: Other: 50% (2.69 km); Dirt: 30% (1.61 km); Rocky: 10% (537.1 m); Asphalt: 10% (537.1 m)
Total ascending: 214 m
Total descending: 219 m