Felsőtárkány – Barát Meadow Nature Trail

Felsőtárkány – Barát Meadow Nature Trail
Felsőtárkány – Barát Meadow Nature Trail

Barát Meadow Nature Trail

This nature trails starts from the eastern end of Kő-köz and follows the yellow tourist path to the mouth of the Oldal Valley then crosses the driveway and from the ruins of the Carthusian monastery, approaches the Bujdosó-kő, a range of rocks exposed in the side of the Lök Crag at a steep path.

Wedged into the adjacent Jurassic clay shale and radiolarite complexes, steep limestone rock walls are elevated above the ash-lime rock forests. We can continue our walk on green marked trail, which lead us back to the village on the backbone of Lök-bérc.

Length: 2.04 km
Difficulty:  3
Surface quality: Other: 50% (1.02 km); Dirt: 33% (672.54 m); Gravel: 2% (40.76 m); Rocky: 15% (305.7 m); Asphalt: 1% (20.38 m)
Total ascending: 96 m
Total descending: 169 m