Stone Quarry of Zsuny

Kérjük görgess

Kérjük görgessen

Can be visited with restrictions!

The quarry is located in Zsunypuszta near the village of Nagylóc, a short road leads to the quarry, which can only be visited with permission. Due to the striking light and dark brown streaks of the rock it is very spectacular, it's really showy minerals are micro-sized. On the side of Zsunyi Hill, the quarry reveals Miocene-era amphibole-andesite, which is characterized by a spherical precipitation and an iron oxide-striped appearance. The minerals are attached to the cracks and tiny cavities of the andesite and accumulate around sedimentary inclusions (clay, sandstone). The lid of the mine is the Oligocene-Miocene-era layer, the so-called Széchényi Slir with snails, mussels and plant prints, which can also be collected in the mine.