Kérjük görgess

Kérjük görgessen
From the study of Dobos Irma: The name of the village Sóshartyán (’salty field’) probably originates from the salty water found near to the settlement around 1600. The first plan to use the water for medical purposes was made after the Great War. That time the water was analysed and a 156 meters deep well was dug, anyway, without any needed result. After the WWII. the place of the new fountain was determined by a geological survey. Although only the second attempt proved to be successful and although the 600 meters deep well produced only a small amount of
water the contemporary public health administration decided to run the business, since the water proved to be rather rich in iodine and bromine. For the year 1950 the bottler was ready.
The water is still available on the market with the name JODAQUA. It is only used orally: this sort of mineral water proved to be rather helpful in the prevention of goitre or thyroid problems. Source: http://real.mtak.hu/21854/1/jav_201_214_u_103432.3...