Millenniumi kilátó
Millenniumi kilátó
Millenniumi kilátó
Millenniumi kilátó
Millenniumi kilátó
Millenniumi kilátó
Millenniumi kilátó
Millenniumi kilátó

The terrace of the wooden lookout-tower, opened on August 20, 2000 offers a unique view to the visitor: the relief of the Bükk mountain range, resplendent in different colors in every season, the view of the Szalajka Valley, the outline of the mountain forests, and Rooftops of 13 mountain villages to the North., Even the peaks of the Slovakian mountains and the High Tatras can also be seen from here in clear weather.

Some interesting facts about the Lookout:

The total height of the Lookout to the top of the flag: 36 meters.

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The height of the Lookout terrace: 20 meters.

Number of screws used for the assembly: 16,000 pieces

.Number of nuts: 32,000 pieces.

Wood used: 138 m3

Siberian larch.Weight of used copper plate: 1.8 tons.

Concrete base: 330 m3.

How to approach?

By walking from Szilvásvárad village on the Millennium trail, or by car on the road of the forest company leading to the Bükk Plateau.The road leading to the Bükk Plateau starts from the large parking lot and for the fee 3000 HUF cars are allowed to drive to the parking called Olasz-kapu at the edge of the plateau.The Millennium Lookout Tower is close to the first stop point(Kalapat parking) from there 200 m moderately steep walking needed.

GPS coordinates: N 48°5.742’ / E 20° 24.414’

The opening hours might change due to the weather conditions. In bad weather (storm, lightning, fog, freezing), it is closed.


Monday through Friday: closed

Saturday – Sunday: between 10:00am - 2:00pm

We would like to draw the attention of our dear visitors that the opening hours of the Millennium Lookout Tower are for information only. The tower is closed in case of bad weather (storm-lightning, foggy weather, icing).Before visiting the lookout tower, please check the current opening hours posted on the information boards in the Szalajka Valley and at the starting point of the nature trail.


EGERERDŐ Forestry Co-Ltd. will limit the use of the road from Szilvásvárad to the Bükk Plateau as of December 8, 2023 due to the slippery winter road conditions. The awe-inspiring wonderland of the Bükk plateau can be accessed by car in spring, summer and autumn, in good road conditions, with the purchase of an entry permit on the forest road section starting from the Szilvásvárad forest parking lot and ending at the Olasz-kapu. We can feel on our own skin that at any time of the year, the weather is much cooler than usual On the Bükk Plateau. This difference is even more unusual in winter,, since in the "frosty world" of the Bükk forest, we can expect completely different weather than down in the settlements. More frequent freezing, often severe minuses during the day, heavy snow, slippery, icy tourist roads and forest paths await forest walkers. For the safety of motorists, from 12/8/2023, for an unlimited period of time (expectedly until the beginning of spring), the forestry company will limit access to the forestry road and car traffic on the forest road between the Szilvásvárad main parking and Olasz-kapu. The plateau landscape can still be reached on foot or on public road from the direction of Bánkút

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Mon - Fri: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat - Sun: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM