Geotop Day at the Ipolytarnoc Fossils 10/10/2021 10:59 AM

On October 9 to celebrate the geodiversity on Earth visitors attended a thematic guided tour at the main gateway of the transnational Novohrad-Nógrád UNESCO Global Geopark.

The event endorsed the International Geodiversity Day initiative. The preregistered 78 people-large group of adventurers dived into the past from the Pannonian lake through a volcanic disaster to the Paratethys shallow sea full of with giant sharks at the Geosite of the Ipolytarnoc Fossils.

17 million-year-old footprints in the 2.Hall of the geological trail

The dangerous tour to this vanished era through the tactile exhibitions of the Ancient Pine Visitor Centre to the Bükkábrány trees, and then to the world-famous excavations of the geological trail was a memorable one. Luckily everybody survived it, but it was a hard experience even for the guide!
Altogether 616 visitors came to the Miocene Park on this Geotop Day and from amongst them 353 people took part in the guided tours along the Lower-Miocene stratotype section of the Borókás ravine. Look at the photo gallery of it.