Rules of behaviour when encountering bears 07/20/2020 12:01 PM

Bears are not toys, bears are to be avoided. Bears are not to be befriended, whatever their age. The mother is most likely around the cubs. Most conflicts are related to mother bears. If you spot a bear, please report it to our Directorate on the emergency phone number +36 30 861-3808

  • If you go into the forest, do it on the designated hiking trails!
  • Avoid impassable thickets and thickets!If not necessary, do not enter the forest between sunset and sunrise!
  • Make it clear to bears that you are approaching: do not walk naked!
  • Talk in company!
  • When walking alone, use a noise-making device: a bell or radio, for example.Do not use headphones!
  • If you do happen to meet a bear and the animal has not noticed you, move away from the area quietly, keeping an eye on the bear and backing away.
  • If the bear stands on two legs, it is for better orientation.
  • If the bear spots you, do not try to scare it away.
  • Do not look it in the eye
  • !Don't turn your back on it!
  • Don't try to run away because it is faster than you!
  • In case of a car encounter, do not leave the vehicle!
  • Do not feed him!
  • Do not try to take a close-up photo (e.g. selfie)!