Lombkorona restaurant and cafe

Lombkorona kávézó
Lombkorona kávézó

The Nature Preserve of the Fossil Remains of Ipolytarnóc, a restaurant was built in the surroundings of the visitor centre. The interior, the variety of foods and beverages satisfy every demand and visitors can refresh themselves sitting on the roof-terrace which is within easy reach of the foliage of the forest.

Othewise it is a speciality of the building that nature and environment preservational aspects were strictly taken into account in the phase of design: cooling and heating of the building is supplied by geothermical heat-pumps and solar collectors provide hot-water. Naturally, the restaurant is suitable for organization of different occasions.

Right beside the resaurant a five roofless openair fireplaces can be found, so if you are in the mood of cooking here, you can prepare and then eat your self-made meal out in nature. A playground is destined for helping relaxation of families with children. On the western side of the playground a children’s sand pit and a crawling tunnel is waiting to be discovered by the most little ones, while springtoys, see-saws, swings and slides belong to the empire of kidergarteners and small school children and there are skill games and a fortess waiting to be used by the older ones.