The Anna cave, managed by the Bükk National Park Directorate, can be found near the waterfall in Lillafüred. Only a few of the kind can be visited in the whole world: in 1951 it was declared protected, then in 1982 a strictly protected area.

The entrance to the cave can be found at the lowest floor of the Hanging Gardens of the Hotel Palota, in Lillafüred, right next to the Szinva Waterfall. The ticket office is a floor higher, in the tower building.

The length of the passageways of the cave is 570 m, out of which the part that can be visited is 208 m long.

Unique in the world, the cave originated in the travertine separated out from the water of the Szinva spring. The cavity system is the same age as the stone, the formation of which started 150 – 200 thousand years ago, and is still going on. During the trip, you can observe different floral fossils, that is fossilized vegetable parts. It is characteristic of the corridors and the halls that everywhere you will find the traces of artificial intervention. The different floors are connected with stairways. Abounding in water, the Anna Well, gushing from the closed area of the cave, provides a significant part of the drinking water supply of Miskolc.

During the guided tours you can also meet bats. Among the species to be found here, the most characteristic ones are the greater and the lesser horseshoe bats.

The guided tour lasts for about 30 minutes. The temperature in the cave is 10°C all through the year, so visitors are recommended to wear proper clothes.

You are only allowed to take photos without flashlight, because extra light is harmful for the cave.


From the direction of Miskolc, by bus 1, or by tram 1, to the Felső-Majláth part of the town, then on by bus 5 or bus 15 to the Hotel Palota.

If you come by car leave your it in a parking lot near the Lake Hámori, or along the road between Eger and Miskolc, this parking place is 600 m away from the cave.


Guided tours start every hour on the hour every day as it follows:

In the summer season (Apr 1 – Sep 30) between 10am and 4pm daily.

In the autumn season (Oct 1 – Oct 31) between 10am and 3pm daily.

In the winter season (Nov 2 – March 31) there is only one tour a day, starting at 12 midday.

For groups you must have an appointment: phone/fax: +36 46 334 130.

Tours last for 30 minutes.

We are calling the attention of our visitors coming with Miskolc Pass tourist card, or tickets bought online, that they are to register at the ticket office 10 minutes before the tour starts.

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Mon - Sun: 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM


1 Vorstellung / Introduction

1 Vorstellung / Introduction

04/19/2023 1:59 PM
Ronja:Jó napot! Mein Name ist Ronja Köhler und ich bin 19 Jahre alt. Meine Heimat ist Lübeck eine Stadt im Norden von Deutschland in der Nähe der Ostsee. In meiner Freizeit war ich schon immer gerne in der Natur, an manchen Tagen um meine Gedanken während eines Spazierganges zu ordnen, an anderen um bei Baumpflanz und Müllsammel Aktionen teilzunehmen. Weil die Natur für mich gleichzeitig ein Ort zur Entspannung und ein Ort zum Lernen darstellt, habe ich mich entschieden mich bei Kulturweit für einen Naturfreiwilligendienst zu bewerben. Meine Hoffnung war es gleichzeitig in der Natur zu sein und mehr über die Bio und Geodiversität unserer Erde zu erfahren, außerdem wollte ich gerne etwas zurück geben für all das was wir von der Natur bekommen.Über die Unesco-Komission wurden Marei und ich dann in den Bükk Nationalpark geschickt und so haben wir die einmalige Möglichkeit bekommen ein halbes Jahr in Ungarn zu verbringen. Hier lernen wir nicht nur die Natur auf vielfältige Weise zu betrachten, wir versuchen uns an einer neuen Sprache und dürfen ganz viele neue Menschen kennenlernen, aber auch uns selbst lernen wir von einer neuen Seite kennen. Nach dem halben Jahr hier in Ungarn möchte ich gerne ein weiteres halbes Jahr arbeiten und Reisen. Mich interessiert es sehr verschiedene Länder kennenzulernen, neue Menschen zu treffen und verschiedene Ökosysteme verstehen zu lernen. Nach einem Jahr des Lernen, Reisens und neue Eindrücke sammeln, möchte ich zum Wintersemester diesen Jahres anfangen zu studieren. Momentan interessiere ich mich mich sehr für Soziologie, Psychologie und Politikwissenschaften. In den nachfolgenden Artikeln versuchen wir einen kleinen Einblick in unsere Erfahrungen zu geben und ein paar Eindrücke zu teilen uns ist es sehr wichtig darauf aufmerksam zu machen, dass es sich hier um individuelle Berichte handelt, welche nur unsere subjektive Wahrnehmung wiederspiegeln. Viel Spaß beim Lesen !Jó napot! My name is Ronja Köhler, and I am 19 years old. My hometown is Lübeck, a city in northern Germany near the Baltic Sea. I always enjoyed being out in nature, some days just to clear my mind while working, and others to participate in tree planting and rubbish collecting activities. Because nature, for me, is a place to rest and learn simultaneously, I decided to apply for the Kulturweit nature volunteer program. I hoped to be in nature while learning more about bio and geodiversity on earth; furthermore, I wanted to give back to nature something for everything we get from nature.The UNESCO Commission sent Marei and me to the Bükk National Park. We got the wonderful opportunity to spend six months here in Hungary. Here we learn to look at nature in various ways and try to learn a new language, and meet many new people. Also, we learned a lot about ourselves during our stay in Hungary.After half a year in Hungary, I would like to work and travel for another half year. I am very interested in getting to know different countries, meeting new people and learning to understand diverse ecosystems. After a year of learning, travelling and gaining new impressions, I would like to start studying in the winter semester of next year. At the moment, I am very interested in sociology, psychology and political science. We want to share some of our experiences and impressions in the following articles. We must point out that these are individual reports, which are only representations of our own Perceptions. Have fun while reading!
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