Statement of the Transnational UNESCO Global Geoparks 03/11/2022 2:44 PM

The Transnational UNESCO Global Geoparks Forum has 4 members, all from the once war-torn Europe. They decided on a statement regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

We, the members of the Trans-National UNESCO Global Geoparks Forum have successfully extended the hand of friendship across the national borders of our eight European countries. Each of our countries has experienced the horror of war so it is important that we, as cross-border geoparks, bring together people from our different nations to promote mutual understanding and to create shared benefits for our communities.

One of the functions of geoparks is to highlight the importance of geology to the life and environment of the Earth. Geology and nature do not recognise political borders so we work closely with colleagues in many countries around the world including Ukraine and Russia. It is not just rocks, not just geology that connects us. Friendship, respect and goodwill are what really connect us.

We are saddened by the fighting that is now taking place in Ukraine and we ask for an immediate and lasting ceasefire that will bring the conflict to an end. We are determined to continue with our cross- border partnerships both to benefit our communities and to promote the good work of UNESCO - the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation - in the fervent hope that all nations will learn to live together in peaceful coexistence.