Mikszáth restaurant - Hotel Castellum

Angos marha carpaccio - GEOFOOD védjegyes étel
Angos marha carpaccio - GEOFOOD védjegyes étel

The Mikszáth restaurant of the Hotel Castellum of Hollókő awaits their guests with food specialties made with traditional and modern technology, made from ingredients from the region and placed on the table by local producers.

From matured Angus beef, freshly shot game meat, home-made spit to producer eggs and dairy products, you can feel the local quality on each of the ingredients. From these the restaurant creates dishes by slightly renewing the old customs of „Palócföld”, in a more presentable way, in the robe of today, in a high standard and in addition to all this, - most importantly – preserving the traditional tastes.

The chef, Zoltán Oláh (member of the jury of “Food of Magyarország”), reflects the professional knowledge and commitment of each of the dishes on the à la carte menu, the buffet breakfast and dinner.

“My professional motto and creed: Family thinking, personal connection and gastronomic authenticity. I consider personal contact with the guests very important. We also pay attention to the individual needs of our guests, if necessary; we compile personalized menus for food allergies, food intolerances, as well as vegetarian, vegan and other special diets. Because of my personal involvement, I also consider it important to offer “gluten and dairy-free” food, as I am also sensitive to gluten. ”