Our planetarium providing experience unmatched in Central Europe has space for 50 people.

We display the wonders of the sky on an 8 m diameter special dome made of perforated aluminum. The more than 100 sq m spectacle exceeding all expectations is provided by four laser projectors operating at the same time, in 4K quality. The overall effect is made complete with Dolby Digital sound system.

The projector placed in the middle of the auditorium provides a possibility for holding conferences.

The planetarium is accessible, place is provided for 1 person in a wheelchair.

Our educational films are “fulldome” films, filling in the whole of the dome. Among them you can find three-dimensional films, where you can almost touch the celestial bodies of the universe. To watch them you are provided with active glasses. You can opt for projections for children or adults, in Hungarian or in English.

Our live presentations provide scientific information about our solar system and the universe.

February, 2023

10-12closedclosedclosedlive spoken presentationlive spoken presentationlive spoken presentationlive spoken presentation
12-14closedclosedclosedThe First StargazersIn Search of our Cosmic Origins2D - Satelix2D - The Sun
14-16closedclosedclosed3D - Voyager3D - Space Next3D - Voyager3D - Voyager