Bükk Astronomical Observatory

OPENING: probably at the beginning of 2022


The Bükk Astronomical Observatory is the most modern astronomical visitor center of Central Europe, where with the help of the triad of science-experience-interaction you can get information about the world of stars and space exploration. The visitor center of the Bükk National Park Directorate relies on four attractions where we offer the possibility of learning by playing abundant with experiences for all age groups.

The central topic of our exhibition is the Sun. Besides the effect of our sustaining star on the Earth, we present star types, the life of the stars, the invisible characteristics of our Sun, as well. Sensing heat, visible and invisible radiation will be presented, what is more, with the help of holographic displays, holo-pyramids and augmented reality (AR) we guide our visitors in this fascinating world.

Exhibition in the exhibition

In the Bükk Astronomical Observatory there is an exhibition of meteorites, unrivaled in Hungary, which means concerning certain meteorite types that you can see the biggest exhibited meteorites in Hungary. Our visitors can touch these stones arriving from the space, and also they can observe their structure with the help of a special microscope. As a specialty, visitors can see meteorites originating from the Moon and the Mars in our visitor center.

The central element of the Bükk Astronomical Observatory is the planetarium, suitable to receive 50 people, equipped with 4K projectors. Here you can watch educational films, strongly connected to the image of our observatory. The view of the starry sky will be available under any weather conditions, any time, and visitors can request for astronomical presentations.

Virtual reality (VR)

In our VR room, and on the VR chairs placed in the lobby, one can enjoy the technical benefits of the modern times: our visitors can solve hard problems in a canyon on the Mars, on the surface of the Moon, or near the International Space Station completing space missions. If it is not enough, you can experience the bird’s eye view feeling while hang-gliding, or you can look around above the Bükk Mountains in 360°.

Educational trail

Connected to the Bükk Astronomical Observatory, there is the 4 km long Planet Tour educational trail, too, which besides the natural, geological and cultural history values, also includes a Solar System model that you can walk along. Visitors walking along the educational trail, by the length of the trip they do, can perfectly sense the distances in the Solar System. You can walk near oak and beech forests, meadows, and also you can marvel at the Bükk landscape from several lookout points. You must cross a stream, walk past an abandoned lime-burning pit, and you can admire several protected plants throughout the journey. To complete the whole length of the tour you need 2 hours by walking easily.

If someone wants to do the tour along the educational trail at night, a few hours after sunset they can see the luminous signs, which help you along the way. We recommend that you wear clothes appropriate for the weather, and hiking boots, and also that you necessarily check out the weather forecast.