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Establishment of Bükk National Park

The decision of the President of the National Nature Conservation Office (18/1976 OTvH) was published in the Councils' Gazette on December 28, 1976. That was about the establishment of the Bükk National Park protected area of 38,774.6 ha, with effect from January 1, 1977.

That was the country's third national and at the same time, it was the first in mountainous area.

The decision declaring the purpose of the Bükki National Park as protected area writes:

• Protect the characteristic and varied appearance of the Bükk central mountain landscape, its favorable natural features, and preserve its significant natural values:

• different rock formations, caves, caves, springs and streams;

• mountain meadows and pastures rich in Carpathian flora, typical and rare types of forests and stands, natural plant communities, and protected animal species.

• Preserve the cultural values of the landscape.

• Ensure the natural conditions necessary for scientific research.

• By preserving the natural environment, promote the cultured use of free time, recreation and experience in the outdoors.

• Serves tourism aimed at learning about natural and cultural values, and tourism.

• It serves as an environmental model area for the protection of our natural environment.